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💥 Start 2024 With A Bang 💥

A BRAND NEW 6 week Challenge starts on Monday 15th January 2024 and trust me, you won't want to miss it...

What is the 6 week challenge?

Our chance to come together as a community and stay accountable for all aspects your health and fitness and ultimately help YOU feel awesome this New Year and way beyond!

What's Included?

For this 6 week Challenge I've partnered with ABC Trainerize to give you exclusive access to a Premium Mobile App that will include options for Home & Gym Workouts, Nutrition, Progress Tracking, Community Support and so much more.

What workouts will you do?

All forms of exercise will be encouraged with a target of 5 x workouts every week for 6 weeks and freedom to use the videos I provide or mix it up with your own routine at home, outdoors or in your local gym - all movement counts!

Will you need to eat salad every day?

Unlike most influencers on Instagram tell you, Kale-on-toast isn't a dish for every body (or anybody in my opinion 🤢) and this challenge will offer freedom for you to eat and enjoy any foods you wish with plenty of healthy recipes, meal plans (if you want one) and option to track and monitor every detail of your nutrition as you go - ultimately it comes down to YOU and whats right for you right now!

What results should you expect?

Look, let's be honest, there are no guarantees you will conquer ALL of your life goals in just 6 weeks BUT before you scroll away and cry into your green 'super-duper' smoothie bowl I can say with 100% confidence you will take a giant leap forward with both your physical and mental health to set yourself up for a positive 2024 and momentum to keep going way beyond that too!

Do you need to use the Mobile App?

To get the most from this 6 week challenge I would say YES the mobile app will provide the BEST experience and is available on all iOS and Android devices so hopefully every body will be able to download easily. Having said that, if you prefer a no-tech approach I will of course be offering a trusty "Printable Tick Chart" for you to stick on your fridge door at home too.

How much does it cost?

Usual pricing for support of this level would be upwards of £129pp+ but the christmas spirit is still flooding through my veins so I'm offering the full 6 weeks FREE for all Premium Members. (Go Premium Now!)

Are there any live sessions?

 I will be going LIVE for Q+A sessions throughout the 6 weeks with all videos recorded for those who wish to catch up on demand anytime.

I have another question....

Making this challenge the very best I can, and helping you smash your goals is my absolute priority right now, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have anything on your mind.


I'm here to help!

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