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Workouts For All Abilities Available On Demand Anytime

Summer Shorts 2023 (4)
Lift Lab  Dumbbells-3
6 week Nutrition Basics
HIIT 30-2
4 week LIIT Programme-5
28 Day Fat Loss Kickstarter (4)
Sculpt 20
Tone At Home (3)
5 Day Flexibility Challenge-4
4 week Kettlebell Master-2

Why Fit with Frank?

You'll get better results in less time with professional home workouts designed by a qualified Personal Trainer.

❌  NO need to give up your life to get fit

❌ NO 2-hour round rips to a busy gym 

​❌ NO expensive membership fees

 ✅ YES to achieving your goals faster

 ✅ YES to exercising when it suits you

 ✅ YES to saving some £££'s too


What are you waiting for...?


What type of workouts will you do?

The type of workout depends on which programme you choose and the specific goal in mind! Workouts usually range from 10 - 30 minute duration with options for all fitness levels.

How do you access videos?

Everything you need is available on this website and can be accessed anywhere with internet connection. Simply log in to on your mobile, tablet, laptop or TV anytime.

Are programmes suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Check out our  "chilli scale 🌶️" for each programme and choose whichever level you need - you can crank up the heat whenever you're body is ready.

Do you need any equipment? 

No! We have plenty of programmes using just your bodyweight (and maybe a sofa) so start with those and then progress to using dumbbells, kettlebells or resistance bands whenever you're ready.

How much is Premium membership and what's included?

Our PREMIUM membership includes unrestricted access to all programmes and workouts anytime. Click Here to view current prices!

I have another question....

Personal Training is my passion and believe it or not I LOVE questions, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have anything on your mind....

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