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28 Day Fat Loss Kickstarter 🥗

  • 28Days


Kickstart your Fat Loss Journey with 28 days of nutrition coaching. Perfect for anyone looking to lose 6 - 8lbs body fat or more. WHAT IS INCLUDED: - 28 days of nutrition coaching - Daily tasks to keep you on track. - A sexy body you'll LOVE forever ;) THINGS THAT MAY SURPRISE YOU: - You can eat any foods you like. - There are NO MEAL PLANS or set diet rules. - We aim for a "calorie deficit" of 10 - 20% for optimal fat loss. - I'll show you how small changes can have a HUGE impact. - You'll be empowered to eat better for life! COMMITMENT FROM YOU: - Track all aspects of your nutrition for 28 days. - Be HONEST with yourself and prepared to change. - Play the "long game" with new habits you can sustain long term! So, are you ready to kickstart your Fat Loss?


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