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14 Day Sugar Free Challenge 🚫🍫

  • 14Days


Want to feel better, have more energy and trim down your waistline at the same time? Try my 14 day Sugar FREE Challenge and get the encouragement and accountability you need to control your sweet tooth and build new healthy habits you can sustain for life. KEY POINTS: - 14 day self paced nutrition challenge. - Focus on eating healthy, wholesome and nutritious food only. - Significantly reduce refined or processed sugars for 14 days. WHAT'S INCLUDED: - 14 days of encouragement & accountability. - Full list of foods to eat and avoid to keep you on track. - Meal Plan & Healthy Recipes to help you make better choices. **DISCLAIMER: This programme is NOT suitable for everyone and I advise you discuss with your GP before taking part. Recipes and meal plans will be used as guidance but flexibility to adapt will be provided throughout.


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