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5 Reasons To Love Calories

The “fear” around calories is common to experience with kcal numbers being shoved in our faces every day its no surprise, so today let's look at how we can STOP DEMONISING CALORIES and living on “low calorie” meals whilst trying to “burn off” as much as we can every day.

Start working on your relationship with them and learn to love them for all their beauty.


1: Calories make us move

2: Calories keep our organs alive

3: Calories fuel your brain

4: Calories can taste great

5: Calories rhymes with smalories

Okay, I’m clutching with that last one 😆 but hopefully you catch my drift.

Trying to lose weight?

Reducing calorie intake by more than 20% can be detrimental to your health.

For best results start by reducing 10 - 15% total food over the week and keep patient with the process.

Weight loss will happen eventually if you stay consistent!

For more help try one of my Nutrition Programmes below and I'll walk you through the journey step by step...

Hope it helps :)


your Personal Trainer / Calorie Lover



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