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5 Reasons Your Not Losing Weight

Some people seem to lose weight over night, while for others it's a roller coaster ride, taking months or even years to see any progress, and I've come to the conclusion that the only thing you can guarantee is WEIGHT LOSS CAN BE STRANGE!

Well, the science is simple...

Calories IN < Calories OUT = Weight Loss

...but WHY doesn't it always go the way we expect?

5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

1) You gave up too soon.

Expecting results in the first few days or even weeks is a huge mistake and usually leads to disappointment, frustration and for most people, you quit on your goals far too soon. Be patient. Trust the process. Results will happen eventually.

2) You're not tracking your nutrition.

We all know how important nutrition is for weight loss so whether you use pen & paper, MyFitnessPal or any other nutrition tracking tool I think there's huge value in building awareness around what you are consuming throughout the week. Log everything you eat and drink for the next 7 days and see what you learn.

3) You're not tracking nutrition "accurately" enough.

Okay so you've started logging your nutrition but how accurate is it? Are you including ALL the little snacks between meals? Did you measure that crate of pasta or just estimate it? As painful as it is, you need to be 100% HONEST with your tracking so get those weighing scales out the cupboard and adapt your portion sizes to suit your requirements.

4) You aren't lifting any weights.

Contrary to most peoples beliefs lifting weights can help you lose weight and in my professional experience has been the number 1 form of exercise to help clients not only lose the weight they wanted but also build a strong, resilient body that they are proud of. Start with 1 - 2 sessions per week at home and build up to the gym when you're ready.

5) You undervalue sleep & self care.

Stress can be a killer for our health and indeed weight loss too. Often when we start a new weight loss journey or fitness programme we come racing out of the blocks like greyhounds and try to fix everything at once with intense workouts & drastic calorie restrictions that lead us down the path of burnout and ultimately "failure" because the body simply can't cope. Prioritise better sleep and recovery for better results and a programme you can sustain long enough to see progress.

Need some extra help?

I'm also offering some spaces for Online Coaching very soon so keep your eyes on your inbox if you need that little extra push and I'll be more than happy to help.

For now, just focus on that first step. Awareness.

Results aren't too far away!


your Personal Trainer / Scale Dodger


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