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Prioritising CONSISTENCY over INTENSITY is the key to long term success, particularly if you are a Beginner and/or someone getting back into fitness this new year!

Common MISTAKES I see in January:

❌ Thinking that working “harder” is only way to get results

❌ Pushing your body to do things that are way beyond your current fitness levels (it will come eventually, just be patient!)

❌ Using “achey muscles” as a guide to a good workout. It’s NOT essential I promise you!

My TOP TIPS for staying consistent in 2023:

✅ Work “smarter” instead of harder

✅ Choose exercise you enjoy and are happy to repeat daily

✅ Try something new each month to keep it varied and encourage natural progression as the year goes on.

I started the year with a personal “10,000 steps a day” target and challenging myself to get outside in the fresh air and walk no matter what the weather is doing. This is out of my comfort zone, but achievable, and I feel great for it. (Even when it’s ruddy freezing like today 🥶 lol)

What small, achievable challenge could you set yourself today?

Make it doable.

Gain your confidence.

Keep going! 🙌🏻



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