Everything you need to know about our NEW 'Sculpt 45' Workout Plan

Join us LIVE or catch up anytime afterwards with all videos recorded and available to all FWF Club Members to start/finish whenever they wish.

From Monday 12th October - Sunday 22nd November 2020 Frank will be guiding you through 6 weeks of Dumbbell Workouts designed to "Sculpt" your body and get you feeling stronger than ever. (CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR CLUB AND ACCESS WORKOUT PLAN)

Workout Plan

Our aim is to complete 3 x 45 minute Dumbbell Workouts Each Week for 6 weeks and all videos will be added to our new Sculpt 45 page as we work through the programme together LIVE on Zoom each week. Videos are recorded and added to website so you can catch up whenever you wish.

Live Zoom Sessions

We are going "all-in" for support with this challenge and Frank will be dedicating ALL our Zoom Workouts to Dumbbells and streaming 3 x LIVE Sculpt 45 Sessions per week with our NEW times of:

Monday: 17:45 - 18:30pm

Wednesday: 13:00 - 13:45pm

Friday: 06:45 - 07:30am

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All sessions will be in line with programming for Sculpt 45 and don't worry should you miss the LIVE timings all sessions are recorded and uploaded to website for you to follow along and Replay whenever you need.

Weekly Q+As

With any new Workout Plan comes many new questions and to help keep you motivated and on-track for success Frank will be going LIVE 20:00 - 20:30pm every Monday Evening in our FWF Workout Club and will be covering a variety of topics as well as answering any questions on your mind each week.

Week 1: Getting Started

Week 2: Cardio

Week 3: Split Routines

Week 4: Protein

Week 5: Supersets

Week 6: Long Term Benefits Of Weight Training

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Tracking Progress

We are all here for different reasons and with our own unique goals but one thing we all share is the desire to feel and see progress as we work hard through any new workout plan. What you track will depend on your specific goals but here are some ideas for getting started before Monday and you can check progress every 2-3 weeks to see how you are doing.


One of the most powerful ways to monitor your physical progress and although it may be uncomfortable to begin with, it really motivate you to see the changes as they happen through your training programme. TOP TIPS: • Wear swimwear or underwear so that you get a clear view of body • Take side, front and back views to show all angles • Shoot against a clear background and ensure there is strong lighting • Stand in natural posture position.


Can take a little more effort than photos but if you measure accurately these can really show how your Body Fat has reduced and reassure you of your progress even on those days the weighing scales try to say otherwise. TOP TIPS: • Ask someone to help you measure accurately • Use obvious "markers" on body to keep consistent (eg: belly button or hip bone) • Use a soft measuring tape rather than a builders one, they are more accurate and far more comfortable to use.


I think we are all aware of the pros and cons of weighing yourself and I am not here to tell you YES or NO but rather explain the potential benefits vs negatives and let you decide :) TOP TIPS: • Your weight changes CONSTANTLY throughout the day. • If weight loss is your goal then be sure to think "long term" and prepare for seeing your weight fluctuate randomly each week. It's normal and part of the process! • If at any point the scales become a negative on your mindset then ditch them. There are many other ways to judge your progress :) NOTE: Weight Training with Dumbbells is one of the best ways to reduce body fat, but for many when they start their body weight may actually increase slightly, and this is normal, so if you are just starting out be mindful of this and know that your body shape, muscle tone and of course overall health is getting a fantastic boost so keep it up!

Final Word

I just want to wish you the very best of luck and to know I am here for you 100% of the way as are our 300+ members and all the FWF Team so if you ever feel lost or demotivated please just reach out and post in our FWF Workout Club or email me privately so we can chat.

It's time to Sculpt and get stronger than ever before!

Have fun


your Personal Trainer


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