The Health Risks and Benefits Of Working From Home

What 2020 has shown us more than anything is that us humans are even more resilient than we realised and if you’re reading this as someone who still has a job to go to then I’m pretty certain you feel very grateful right now - and so you should - but how are you coping with the new “Work from Home” concept? Are you desperate to get back to the workplace and see some real-life humans again or are you LOVING the fact you only have to roll 3ft out of bed and dress-up one half of your body in prep for another Zoom meeting?

Everyones experience is entirely unique and that is why I love my job so much - every client brings a different perspective with their own challenges and goals but today for the sake of this ‘rare’ blog post (I’m much more a video/podcast kinda guy) I wanted to share my observations from our FWF Home Workout Club this year and the biggest potential RISKS to your health I see for working from home, as well as the huge BENEFITS we can enjoy if we really put our minds to it…


As a Personal Trainer, when I think about the best ways for managing a clients Mental and Physical Health we have to consider many variables such as work, life, family, exercise, nutrition, stress, relationships, likes/dislikes and so much more. Throw in a worldwide pandemic, fear, anxiety, worry, confusion and you’ve got a LOT to consider, but here’s some key points to show how we’ve adapted to help ourselves (yep, I struggle too) and of course our wonderful FWF Online Community.

Mental Health is more important than ever and if I’m honest its been the NUMBER ONE focus for MOST of our programmes and content at FWF this year - and I love it! Who cares about “getting that bikini body” when you can’t fly anywhere anyway? Simply waking up each morning and feeling like “I can get through today” is the benchmark for all of us right now, yet unfortunately this is NOT how most people feel and that is my priority to help change today, and for the foreseeable future.

Socialising and human connection can not be underrated and certainly for me personally (fully certified extrovert) has been by far the TOUGHEST challenge through lockdown 1, 2 and likely more we encounter on this mad journey. Being locked indoors and isolated from people is no good for our emotional health and with the world being shut down for so long and a constant message being sent to us subconsciously or otherwise that “humans are dangerous - stay away!” I really do fear for the short term impact on us all, as well as that of my young children - one of which has spent nearly a QUARTER of her life dodging killer viruses!

Getting outdoors every day is essential for both your mental and physical health and one of the most successful programmes we run for our Fit with Frank community this year has been the “30 day Wellbeing Challenge” where we simply tasked everyone to take a break from their day every day and make an excuse to go outside for a walk (great for steps too) or simply sit in the garden with your eyes closed and breathing for 1-2 minutes. No phone, no emails, nothing but nature. The impact has been HUGE!

Weight Training and Yoga have become our most popular forms of exercise in our FWF Home Workout Club and in my opinion reap the greatest rewards physically (and mentally) if you can include in your weekly routine. Aim to include at least 1 x 30 minute session of each per week and if you don’t have access to weights at home don’t worry, bodyweight strength exercises such as squats, lunges, push ups and planks are fantastic too!


Working from home has many, many benefits and what you choose to do with your extra time saved from commuting (and partying) less is entirely up to you but there are a couple of things I would say apply to ALL of us and if you don’t consider them today I think you genuinely risk damaging your long term (and short term) health, so stick to my Top Three Tips and see how you get on:

  1. Create clear boundaries for ‘work’ and ‘home’ so that you (and your family) can identify when you are working and when you are switched off. See my next point…

  2. Schedule yourself regular breaks and switch off from work just like you would when you worked in the office. Leave your phone, laptop and emails alone, they will be okay on their own for a minute I promise ;)

  3. Exercise daily, whether it be walking to grab a coffee or getting your gym clothes on and doing a home workout it will ALWAYS make you feel better. 30 minutes movement is all it takes.

We have no idea how long this “Work from Home” strategy will last and if indeed we will ever return to our old barging-onto-trains-commuting, chatting at the water cooler days BUT what we do know is while we adapt (and remarkably well we have too) we need to now more than ever PRIORITISE OUR HEALTH and have a clear strategy in place to manage our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Make health your priority today!

At Fit with Frank we have worked since 2015 to create everything you need to stay healthy at home and our FWF Home Workout Club has grown into one of the most comprehensive programmes you can find on the internet today with personal support from myself and our awesome team of PTs including Daily LIVE Classes to keep us all connected, structured programmes to follow on-demand whenever you need them and 100s of workout videos, podcasts, articles and more to keep you motivated for as long as you need us. With flexible memberships from just £5 per week and 50% OFF for any UK Company with 5 or more employees you really won’t find a better solution anywhere else online today.

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Good luck, and of course any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Your Personal Trainer (working from home, of course)

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