How important are calories for weight loss?

“MyFitnessPal says I need 2,280 kcals a day to lose weight, so I can eat 10 Mars Bars right?”

Well if you go by the rules of ‘Calorie Deficit’ then yeh I guess so, but I think we all know there’s some faults in the logic somewhere.

Pouring 1 litre of coke in my engine gets very different results to 1 litre of Super Unleaded if you catch my drift.

Should we count calories? Are they really that important?

That always depends on the individual, your personality, your goals and history with nutrition.

However, our new 30 Day Challenge kicked off yesterday and we have the pleasure of Nutritionist Helen guiding our FWF Club Members through their meal plans which includes some very interesting principles that I want to share with you now.

✅ No Calorie Counting ✅ Focus On High Quality Nutritious Food ✅ Eat More Fat, Protein And Vegetables

The first aim of this plan is to keep your blood sugars balanced which is key for those who have hormonal symptoms, low energy, poor sleep, low mood, anxiety or looking to manage your weight.

It’s very early days in the challenge and I guess time will tell how we all get on but it’s certainly already opened my eyes again to the importance of QUALITY nutrition.

What can we do?

Well if you’re in our FWF Club then just follow the process as we guide you through but for everyone else just start opening your eyes too.

How nutritious is the food you eat? Can you increase protein, fat and vegetable intake? Do you really need 10 Mars Bars?

Food for thought and hope to share some more learnings as we progress on our journey.

Thanks Helen.