How To Choose The Perfect Running Shoe For Winter

When roads are slippery or you're heading off into the muddy woods and your normal pair of trainers are slipping all over the place, what should you consider instead?

First of all I think it’s important to say, when it comes to trail running it doesn’t matter so much about what the trainer looks like, it needs to be comfortable, good grip and suit your needs.

Weybridge Sports Shop offer a good range of trail trainers, ranging from your more cushioned and comfortable Hoka and Brooks trail shoes, to your firmer ON and Saucony. Here's some info to help you decide:

ON RUNNING: They are a fairly stiff shoe that do not give you much flex on the foot, making them a harder more firmer run. If you like that then these would be good, but if you’re hitting the trails on easy runs where comfort is key, I would say these may not be for you.

ALTRA RUNNING: ALTRA are a fairly new brand in the UK, originating from America. They are a 0mm drop shoe, making them perfect for the minimal runner who enjoys the more natural shoe. They are fairly cushioned and very popular in the trail and ultra running market, but quite a niche shoe.

BROOKS RUNNING: The Brooks are similar to HOKA, less cushioned, but good grip and perfect for the road to trail balance, these are probably our number one trail shoe.

HOKA RUNNING: Hoka are a really good pair. good tread from running on road to trails. So if you start from your house on pavement these would suffice. Very cushioned and comfortable. Ideal for all distances and give you a lot of grip

As always, its a personal choice when it comes to running shoes and we recommend trying a few different pairs before you commit to your favourite brand. If you need some professional guidance head to and get in touch today.

Happy Running!

Tom Eastwood

Weybridge Sports