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How To Find The Motivation To Start A Fitness Journey

Getting started is always the hardest part when it comes to "getting fit" but the good news is it's far easier than you think and often just a simple switch in your mindset can lead to the biggest surge in motivation to exercise and improve your health forever.

Top Tips For Getting Motivated:

🥵 Define what "fit" really means to you. Are you planning on entering the next Olympics or just fed up of panting your way up the stairs every morning? Being "fit" may not be as far away as you think it is!

🤔 Ask yourself WHY this is important to you right now. What will improve about your life as a result of this new fitness journey? Self Confidence? Freedom to move your body however you want? Feeling Sexy Again? The deeper you can understand this one the greater the motivation will be!

📝 Set yourself a super achievable goal to get started. An awareness of your long term goals is useful to know but often feels so far away it leads to overwhelm and eventually quitting all together. Instead, set yourself a really easy, achievable goal to get started. "I will workout once this week", "I'm going to cook one new healthy recipe for the family this weekend" or "I'm going to join a gym" are all great starting blocks and when you achieve them you'll feel really proud of yourself for doing it and ready to set the next one.

🫂 Find a supportive community. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and people that encourage you to keep going is KEY to staying motivated. At Fit with Frank we call it our "superpower" as it's been the glue that's held us all together week after week and year after year, even through some of the toughest times for many clients.

Of course, we won't always feel 100% motivated - I include myself in that too - but we CAN take some actions to help ourselves and I hope the tips above can help YOU today.

Take one step at a time.

Keep going.

You'll amaze yourself where you end up :)


your Personal Trainer / Motivational Maestro


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