Is wearing the correct sports bra while working out really that important ?

Sport bras have grown to become the main part of the perfect workout look with their bright colours and patterns, but aside all of this they are a crucial part of our workout wardrobe.

If there is one thing us ladies should spend our money on it's definitely a supportive sports bra.

The Correct Support for your exercise. Most forms of exercise make your breasts bounce up and down , regardless of the size, now if you are doing a lot of exercise that involves jumping or moving a lot , we need to be careful of the risks if we do not have the right support. Breasts are made up of fatty tissue which is surrounded by skin and fragile ligaments. If these ligaments are not supported correctly they become stretched and broken down , they will then sag and nothing can fix this.

More Comfort during activity There is nothing worse than underwires digging in when exercising , or straps falling down. When wearing a sports bra over a normal bra you can regulate your temperature more due to the breathable fabrics they are made from, and talking of sweat do you really want to ruin that lovely lace number with a sweaty workout?

No matter what exercise you are doing , if we wear the correct sports bra we can decrease the risk of back and breast pain and nowadays look fashionable all at the same time.

Annabel Crisp

FWF Personal Trainer