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Join Me For FREE Daily Workouts 'LIVE at 5pm' On FWF YouTube Channel 😅

Our new 6 week Challenge has kicked off and to celebrate you're invited to join me for Daily Workouts 'LIVE at 5pm' every weekday on my FWF YouTube Channel with this weeks theme 'Bodyweight Only' and options for LOW IMPACT provided throughout there will be plenty of fun for everyone (I hope lol)

Or search "fit with frank" on YouTube


Need some extra motivation?

Download the old favourite 'Printable Tick Chart' and stick it on your fridge to tick off each workout as you go and remind yourself to keep moving daily....

Spring Into Summer Tick Chart
Download PDF • 1.60MB

Following the challenge in our Premium App?

All the daily workouts are uploaded for you at the start of each week so you can schedule in your calendar and 'track-your-reps' to monitor your progress as you go. Every workout is worth 50 points so if you nail them all you'll reach your 1500pts target and reach the pot of gold to complete challenge!

Good luck and any questions just let me know :)


your Personal Trainer / Tickchart Connoisseur



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