Meet Annabel, our new Personal Trainer aka "The Girl That Lifts" - you won't believe her story!

So a little bit about me and how I got to where I am now in my fitness journey, so young happy go lucky party goer Annabel was living her best life socialising most weekends eating and drinking what I liked and the only exercise I really did was the saturday night boogie on the dance floor.

I was content with this lifestyle until a photo of me was tagged on facebook and suddenly everything changed, I saw someone in that picture that made me unhappy, I hadn't realised that all the over eating and little exercise had actually gotten out of control and I had gained a large amount of weight without even noticing.

In total I had gained 5 stone and I needed advice and guidance, but I wanted to find something fun and that didn't feel like exercise otherwise I knew I would quit. And then came Zumba!

Zumba was finally a class that I enjoyed and would feel sad if I missed it, it was then that I thought maybe I could teach this so I could lose weight and earn a living from it, so that's what I did, 5 classes a week and a lot of fun later and I was hooked and the weight was slowly coming off.

But that was the easy part , trying to change my eating habits and my addiction to sugar was so much harder and took a good few years to master, I wanted to know more about why we got these cravings , what our body needed and didn't need and how it all worked so I took the leap and enrolled in a Personal training course.

After completing the course I haven't looked back since, I have lost the weight slowly and found a new confidence in myself and I have worked with some amazing people in the 10 years I have been in this industry , not just with weight loss but with changing attitudes around food and exercise and finding a new confidence in themselves.

I think its so important to find clients' triggers , what they enjoy and what they don't and the real reasons behind the fitness and lifestyle goals they are wanting.

I think the word fitness means something different to everyone and i'm so happy that I get to find out and support people on their journey with finding that meaning, and I wouldnt change my job now for anything.


Annabel will be helping out day to day within our FWF Home Workout Club and also available for One To One Coaching for those who need some extra support and accountability with their training plan. JOIN OUR CLUB TO FIND OUT MORE.