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No Pain No Gain? 🤔❌ I disagree...

Call me new school if you like but the old “pain = gain” mentality certainly doesn’t float my boat and the thought that this message still floods my feed on social media fills me with fear for anyone starting a new fitness routine this year.

Avoiding pain may well be the BEST way you can progress in 2023.

“Smashing your body” for 5 days and then giving up again ‘cos your physically and emotionally broken won’t help you achieve much else other than a few bruises and a funny story to tell in the waiting room at A&E 🚑🤦🏻‍♂️

Choose exercise that your mind & body enjoys.

Activities that you know you can repeat again and again without any “pain” or feeling demoralised afterwards.

Consistency > Intensity

Particularly if you are a beginner to exercise and/or coming back into exercise after a long break.

Professional athlete?

Maybe a different story, but you need someone else to help you for that. Us regular humans are much better pain-free I say.



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