Protein Powder. Do You Really Need It?


It is true that Protein is integral to functions like our immune systems and hormone production and of course the most discussed one, of building and repairing our cells and tissue, but how much do we really need to invest in the powder version ? Can we not just get enough protein from food?.

Most females need around 50 - 60 grams of protein a day, this will vary depending on muscle mass and activity but generally speaking that is the amount, so to put simply if you can get this from food then save your money.

In my opinion protein powders are a lazy way of eating, I think too many people are replacing shakes with meals for convenience therefore not getting the added nutritional value that a well rounded meal can give. That said if you are struggling with getting the amount of protein needed daily then a shake can be a very handy way of adding in what you need.

The bottom line is, most people don't need protein shakes , but if they work for you and you feel better for using then continue, but if you are drinking them because the marketing on the powder has promised you will lose a stone in a month or that they will give you superpowers , you are not drinking shakes for the correct reasons and I would save yourself some money and look at the wholesome enjoyable meals you can have to reach your goals instead.

Annabel Crisp

FWF Personal Trainer