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6 week Fat Loss Challenge | Starts Monday 10th June 2024 | Everything You Need To Know ☀️📱

Updated: Jun 4

Get ready to say goodbye to those pesky pounds and hello to a healthier, happier you!


Lose up to 6 - 12lbs body fat and FEEL IMMENSE this summer

  • Flexible nutrition plan designed for quick, healthy fat loss.

  • Personalised workouts and progress tracking to keep you motivated every day.

  • A supportive community cheering you on (virtual high-fives all around!)

  • PLUS: Daily "LIVE at 5pm" home workouts with me LIVE on YouTube 🥵💪



Who is this 6 week challenge for?

The "Spring Into Summer" challenge is aimed at Men & Women who wish to lose 6 - 12lbs body fat and kickstart your healthy lifestyle heading into the summer and beyond.

What will you need to complete challenge?

All participants will be required to Download Premium Mobile App and track all elements of your exercise and nutrition for 6 weeks. Results can be achieved in less than 30 minutes a day.

How does the nutrition plan work?

Flexible eating is the name of the game with freedom to eat all your favourite foods (within reason) and with weekly Q+As and tasks to complete that will set you on a path to quick, sustainable fat loss. As you know, I don't do "Fad Diets" and there are NO magic pills I can send you to guarantee results BUT we will do absolutely everything we can to help you achieve healthy fat loss of 1-2lbs per week.

How much exercise do you need to do?

You will be targeted to complete a minimum of 5 workouts per week for 6 weeks with freedom to follow any of my videos or walk / run / cycle / swim / dance... ANYTHING COUNTS as long as you log it in the app.

Are there any LIVE workouts during this challenge?

YES - I will be going "live at 5pm" everyday throughout the 6 week challenge to get you moving your body at home and pumping those feel-good vibes through your veins daily.

What makes this better than other fitness apps?

I'll be your very own "PT in your Pocket" holding you accountable with daily workouts & weekly check ins PLUS I’m an actual human you can speak to… not automated robots like most fitness apps!

Any other questions?

Email and I'll be happy to help!

See you inside!


your Personal Trainer / 'Appy Chappy



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