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Tips For Tracking Weight Loss At Home

Next Monday (25th April 2022) we will be kicking off our Brand New 6 week Lift & Shift Weight Loss Programme and I will be advising you to monitor your progress as we go using a mixture of Body Weight, Circumference Measurements and/or Photographs.

Which should you choose to do?

For this particular 6 week challenge I will be advising you to do ALL THREE MEASUREMENTS once at the beginning of programme (Week 1), once at the halfway stage (Week 3) and once at the end (Week 6) , but of course if you wish to do more / less often than this it's entirely up to you...

Whatever keeps you motivated!


Measure more than just body weight as we all know how random the weighing scales are and the addition of circumference measurements and/or photos can be a great alternative to view your physical progress.

Ensure you track measurements at same time of day and in the same lighting (for photos) as this can really effect your results and play all sorts of havoc with your mind. First thing in the morning in your bathroom with the light on is an easy way to stay consistent.

Borrow someone to help you take measurements as it can not only be quite fiddly putting a tape measure in various places on your body but can also act as a great motivator knowing someone else is supporting you on your journey. Just make sure you pick someone you trust as it could get quite personal ;)

If you are joining our Brand New 6 week Lift & Shift Weight Loss Programme I will be including a printable A4 tracking sheet to use as well as detailed information on how to track effectively but for now just make sure you have all the equipment you need to get yourself ready to go on Monday 25th April 2022.




If you need to order some I have added my recommendations to "Fitness Trackers" list on my Amazon Page so click button below and get them ordered and ready to go...

Any questions at all please just email and I'll be happy to help.

Good luck!


your Personal Trainer



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