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Upping Your "NEAT" Is The Secret To Healthy Weight Loss

If you work at a desk or sit down regularly, pay attention to “NEAT” aka “Non-exercise activity thermogenesis” aka “How much you move your body during the day” aka “The secret to healthy weight loss" - if that’s your goal 🤓👣

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise.


- No matter how hard you exercise in the gym, if you sit on your butt for the remaining 23 hours of the day it’s gonna be tough to get the progress you’re looking for. Particularly when trying to lose weight.

- Using a fitness tracker / pedometer to monitor daily steps is an easy way to keep an eye on your “NEAT” and set yourself some goals to improve. 10,000 steps is a generic target for example, although this will vary depending on individual.

- If you don’t have a tracker just remember to get up and have a little stroll once every hour, even if it’s just downstairs to make a tea or chase the kids around the garden, have a boogy to S Club 7 (yeh you love the backing tune on this reel) or walk the school run… it all counts!

Geeky glasses and spotty chin entirely optional, although watching this back I think I rock it so am now off to spec savers for a fitting.

Keep moving you legends!

You know it makes sense 😉


your Personal Trainer / NEAT Lover



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