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👣 Walking Is Underrated 👣

Yes, racking up those daily steps can be the BEST way to get fit, lose weight and improve your mental health and I'd go as far as saying walking is BETTER THAN BURPEES (for most of us!) and potentially the only exercise some of you need right now, particularly if you're just getting into fitness and/or under a lot of stress with other factors in life right now.

Benefits Of Walking

✔️ Arguably most natural of all human movements

✔️ Relatively low impact on joints and muscles

✔️ Proven benefits for cardiovascular health

✔️ Helps build stronger bones & muscles

✔️ Great excuse to spend time with family and friends

✔️ Getting outdoors has vast benefits for mental health

Having set myself a personal goal to hit 10,000+ steps every day in January - the COLDEST month in UK -and invested in my first pair of "proper" pair of walking boots that are waterproof and everything (yes you can call me "Daddy Cool" 😎) I've got to say I'm fully converted to the walker lifestyle and even got my beloved wife Katie up the hills of Reigate for a quick Romp this morning (oi oi, not like that lol!)

Do you need to set a daily target?

To be honest, the "10,000 steps a day" thing is totally made up and the number really has no significance on your fitness and/or overall health. It's simply a guide, and seemed a good enough challenge for me based on my previous walking stats but if this seems out of reach for you currently here are some other ways to set goals for yourself:

📝 Walk for 20 minutes every lunchtime

📝 Switch your "coffee meet up" for a "walk n talk" instead

📝 Park 2 streets further away from school and walk in with kids every day

📝 Plan to explore new parts of your local area on foot at the weekends

📝 Taxi from the pub? Try stumbling home next time ;)

Whatever you decide to do just remember that EVERY STEP COUNTS so if you're fortunate enough to have a body that enables you to walk then please try to make it a priority today.

Start small and build up as/when you're ready.

You'll be "romping" like me in no time ;)

Not even sure that's correct use of phrase but I'm sticking with it now lol.

Good luck!

TAG @fitwithfrank on social media if you do make it out, I'd LOVE to see where you end up :)


your Personal Trainer / Daily Romper



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