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🚫⌚️ WATCH WEARERS: Please DO NOT use “Calories Burned” as your only judge of a good workout

If you have an Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin or any other tracking device you'll notice the "Calories Burned" is a common statistic you find yourself drawn to and although its not inherently bad it’s rarely accurate and often leads to negative behaviour that results in OVERTRAINING, POOR PROGRESS and even BURNOUT.

Truth is…

Cardio / HIIT workouts tend to “burn” more calories than other types of exercise and although you may think this is a positive, it ignores the multiple other benefits associated with other exercises such as weight training, yoga etc.

“But I need to burn more calories to lose weight Frank?”

Well, yes and no.

You CAN lose weight without any exercise.


You need to sort your nutrition and “calories IN” for that, but that’s a whole other post (and much more) so I won’t go there now. Let’s stick with “burning calories” through exercise…

✅ Use energy expenditure as just one small factor in your exercise tracking.

✅ Remember “calories burned” are only ever estimates and from the research I’ve seen it really isn’t the greatest accuracy on mainstream watches/trackers yet so may be best ignored.

✅ Just keep moving your body consistently and doing the best you can each and every workout, whatever your goal, and progress will happen naturally.

If you are trying to lose weight look more at total energy expenditure over the whole week rather than on individual workouts.

Consistently reaching 10,000 steps a day would burn far more energy than “Smashing 800kcals” on one workout and then sitting on your bum for the rest of the afternoon.

Work smart.

Be kind to yourself.

Keep going!


your Personal Trainer / Cool Cap Wearer



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