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We Can Do Anything But Not Everything

Another fantastic blog from Suzanne this month and a timely reminder to pause and reflect on our own lives as we reach the halfway phase of 2023.

Hope it helps you today...

As we rapidly approach the mid point in the year, I think for many of us we have got swept up with feeling we have to do everything and to do it now, and when I mean everyone I am certainly including myself too.

I love this quote " we can do anything but not everything" and I think that's so true, in this edition we will be exploring getting back to basics, what contentment can teach us and exploring our limits.

Suzanne x

Back To Basics

So as we approach the mid point in the year lets take five minutes to explore where you are and what you want to take forward in this second half:

  • What's been working well?

  • What has felt out of alignment?

  • What one change would you like to make going into this next part of the year?

    • Keeping that in mind how you can you do this? And who can support you to make this happen?

It really is important with any changes that you think through how you can do this, the tricky part being honest with yourself with perhaps potential obstacles and challenges that may get in the way.

And because of this and the fact we are human and wobbles happen knowing who can support you as you makes these changes is a vital component.

But a word of warning, choose your cheer leader wisely, some love ones or friends may hinder your progress, sometimes those closest to us get fearful of change out of love for us so when choosing your cheer leader choose wisely.

If you think a neutral cheerleader may be just what you are looking for drop me an email and we can have a chat about how we might work together.

What Contentment Can Teach Us

So over half term I was thinking alot about contentment. I was lucky enough to go camping, a weekend of living outdoors, immersed in nature, a weekend of scruffy clothes, dirt on the hands, walking and campfire hair was my truest self and with this I noticed I was utterly and blissfully content.

And it occurred to me that moments of contentment are useful signals for what you need in your life. When you feel your truest self, at ease and happy notice that feeling, notice what was different, what was being fulfilled which isn’t normally, and take that awareness and hold onto it, and then use it as a guiding star for the path you wish to tread. Come back to you and what you need, your truth lies with you and it’s moments of contentment which illuminate what we need most and what is lacking. You are not me, and I am not you, what you need might not be what I need however a weekend of living outdoors, minimal screens, immersed in nature, a weekend of scruffy clothes, dirt on the hands, walking and campfire hair was my truest contented self. So next time you feel utterly content notice that feeling, notice what you are doing, where you are and who you are with and take that awareness into the decisions you make for your future self.

Limitless Are You Really?

It's quite trendy at the moment to proclaim that we are limitless, that we can live a limitless existence and if we aren't we have somehow failed... yet I would beg to differ... yes we can do anything but not everything, we all have limits and that's just normal:

-We have financial limits

-We have energy limits

-We have time limits

Knowing your limits, living within them isn't failure, its healthy and its normal.

Yes you can change the limits in some areas, and your limits today might not be the same as in 5 years time or 10 years time, but the limits you have today are your limits and there is nothing wrong with that.

What Have I Been Reading?

Now its no secret that I adore the natural world, and this book was illuminating, exploring how trees feel, how they communicate and how they work in family really was a facinating read opening me up to a whole new way of viewing our forests and woodlands.

I can honestly say a walk in the woods is not the same since reading it. If you do get a chance to read it let me know what you think.

Mindful Moment In Nature

With the warmer longer days one of the things I adore to do is to take a mindful moment in nature, to be fully immersed and present in nature. If this is something that you would like to do to then you may find the following useful to help guide you.

From Me To You

I hope this month's edition was just what you needed, a chance to take 5 minutes to explore where you are at this mid point in the year, to get back in touch with what is important for you and to know that limits are normal.

Written with love

Suzanne xx

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