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What I learned from TRX Yoga Teacher Training

I'm always keen to give any new fitness idea a test run and when I saw 2 of my favourite things (TRX and Yoga) were combining to create an official TRX Yoga training programme I couldn't resist but book myself on to see what it's all about and get myself certified to teach professionally too. Have to say I was very surprised as to what I discovered...

✅ Using the TRX as support actually makes a lot of Yoga poses much easier to manoeuvre into and hold than without.

✅ Having the strap as a guide for posture and balance is super helpful and I can see myself using with lots of clients to help them “feel” the correct parts of body during a pose.

✅ Very easy to adjust difficulty for all fitness levels and particularly good for beginners who struggle with traditional yoga classes and/or stretching currently.

Anyway, it’s early days for my #TRXYoga practice and lots for me to play around with but as an official #TRXAmbassador now you can expect some more detailed videos and workouts from me soon!

For now, have a laugh at my learning face and if you want to buy a TRX strap yea to and use code: TRX20J0TTDM for 20% OFF anything in shop.


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