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Where To Start With Nutrition For Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight there are multiple factors that contribute to your success and unfortunately I can't offer you a "one size fits all" solution (it doesn't exist, sorry!) so instead my advice is to prioritise what can make the BIGGEST impact right now.


- Constantly looking for the "quickest fix" and being disappointed when you don't find it.

- Not taking the time to learn and educate yourself on the most important factors of nutrition first.

- Expecting results immediately.


If you are SERIOUS about losing weight and building a healthier diet you can sustain long term then please consider my advice below to get you started. It's not "sexy" and I can't promise instant results BUT it will get you on the right path for long term, sustainable change and potentially change your nutrition forever...


Start at the bottom and work your way UP the pyramid one layer at a time, learning as you much as you can about each to feel the greatest improvements. You can take as long as you want, and of course revisit anytime, but don't skip past any as you'll be missing out on the biggest changes.

If you're taking part in my 28 Day Fat Loss Kickstarter Programme this month we will be covering each section in detail as we go but for now have a read of my FREE eBook guide below to help cover the basics:

FWF Beginners Nutrition Start Up Guide
Download PDF • 7.72MB

We can never be perfect but we can make progress - you just need to be patient :)

Good luck!


your Personal Trainer



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