Why Water Should Be At The Very Top Of Your Priority List During Lockdown

The body is made up of 60% water so even just reading that should spark something within us all that we need to consume it everyday, not only does water help with hydrating us it has many other reasons why it's so important to include in our day to day routine.

  • Water can help with keeping the cartilage and joints lubricated

  • Boost skin's health and beauty

  • Helps aid healthy digestion

  • Prevent headaches

  • Help you feel more energised

  • Can contribute to keeping blood pressure level

My tops tips for consuming enough water throughout the day are as follows.

  1. Start drinking half a pint or a pint of water as soon as you wake up

  2. Purchase of make your own water bottle that measures how much you are consuming throughout the day, so that you can keep track

  3. Try adding flavour to it if needed things like lemon, cucumber or anything that makes the taste change

  4. If you are feeling hungry before heading to the kitchen , drink a pint of water and see if the hunger was actually dehydration.

Good luck!