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We make it our duty to listen and understand WHO you are and WHY you are here. Every body is somebody to us.

I’m a completely different person – attitude is positive. Not out of breath, more stamina and over 2 stone weight loss achieved. The support of the group and the informality are what makes this work along with manageable timings of workouts. Thanks everyone x

Totally transformed my life after I gave up alcohol and switched to training with Frank instead. He made exercise fun which was the key for me as I'd never stick to boring gym routines.

I’d never exercised before (other than the odd swim) and to be honest I thought I would give up after the first week. One year on, I’m 20lbs lighter, happier and healthier than ever before with a completely different attitude towards exercise. Thanks to the support of my husband Emlyn, Frank and the amazing #FitwithFrank community.

I’m feeling on top of the world and have loved every workout.Having access at anytime, anywhere has been a game changer for me and it is superb value for money. I did a weekend of OCR in the middle of May (12km on the Saturday and 7km on the Sunday) my recovery this time round was far far quicker and I put this down to your workouts

Feel so proud of myself, did all my workouts and have lost half a stone and toned up but best of all I feel better and more positive mentally. Thank you for all your support Frank and our #FitwithFrank community you’ve kept me going.

Just taken photos after 30 days of FWF workouts and although it isn’t dramatic I am starting to see the difference. The images don’t show the difference in my Mental Health which is the most important part for me…I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

My fitness levels have totally changed, I also suffered high blood pressure and cholesterol, after my check at doctors, both have come down. I have lost just over 2 stone in 4 months. I never slept more than 2or 3 hours a night, but can now sleep 4 -5 hours. Not lying when I say this has totally changed my life, the way I feel and I’m a much happier person. Thank You.

Lost weight, got stronger and even managed to complete some pretty tough obstacle races too and all thanks to FWF.

As a new mum fitting exercise into my day is definitely not easy but luckily Frank designed me a series of quick workouts I could do with a resistance band at home which was perfect to tone my tummy and legs.

Following a structured weights programme is so important to see progression and thanks to FWF I managed to get stronger than I had ever felt before.

This is a brilliant concept. Love the fact it only takes me 15 mins a day and that it varies core/HIIT/Froga so it’s balanced. Love the support group – everyone is so supportive and the weekly Q&As are really valuable. Froga is WAY better than the Ashtanga yoga. Thank you SO much for all the hard work and ongoing support you have put into this group. You are making a real difference to people and that’s amazing. Something to be very proud of!

Barely recognise myself in some of my old school photos and that's all thanks to Franks guidance and helping keep me motivated to do exercise and eat healthily.

Lifting weights totally transformed my body and helped me feel so much physically and mentally stronger. Thanks so much to Frank for helping me through it all.

I had been diagnosed with a chronic bowel condition, Ulcerative Colitis, but after surgery was able to get back into exercise again. I have my life back now, and think I’ve been ‘Franking’ for over a year now, and will continue to do so. The groups are so supportive everyone is amazing. Let’s keep supporting each other, we can do this people!

Frank your enthusiasm and support is contagious and you can see that by all the comments made by the group. Your down to earth approach and attitude reaches out to people of all ages and levels of fitness. Your exercises cater for all abilities and that is such a great approach. I’ve never wanted to exercise as much as I have done over these past 2 bootcamps and look forward to getting up everyday to reach my goal. You have changed my life (and family’s !!!)as I’m so much happier and positive. I feel healthier and mentally stronger than I have done in years. I hope that fwf will continue to grow as I will definitely be part of it. Thanks for everything Frank – you’re amazing!!!!!

When you can take your jeans off without undoing the zip it’s a huge bonus. I believe in myself more and I am definitely a more happier version of me. My energy levels are better and I just am more content. The only person I’m competing with for my goals is me.

Happier with my body and fitness and more accepting of myself, enough to do a side plank on top of a hill in a public place for fun! The group is so supportive and keeps me going whenever I have a down day. I get more positive feedback here than from anywhere else in my life and from friends who are on the same wavelength.

Fitness for motor racing is tough to master but thanks to Franks help I've got myself in the best shape of my life and driving faster than ever before.

They say couples that train together stay together and thankfully it worked for us and not only are we fitter than ever but we managed to get some shiny running medals too. Thanks Frank.

I picked up 75kg and didn't break my back!!! Can't believe how far I have come with FWF guidance and look forward to many more Personal Bests being broken in the future. Go me!

Frank got me fit for my BBC Strictly appearance and I have to say I've never felt so strong and confident. Thanks mate!

Having just had a double hip operation I was advised to strengthen my muscles to help me walk properly again. Frank helped me tremendously with a routine I could fit into my busy lifestyle. Definitely recommend him for personal training.

Frank helped me through a 12 week Fat Loss Programme which included running, strength training and controlling my calorie intake which worked great for me and I've never looked back since.

The best thing I’ve ever done that is just for me, I can only give the whole programme a massive amount of praise and I’m just constantly recommending it to everyone. It’s brought me confidence, willpower and a determination I didn’t know I had. I can see results of my efforts and I actually feel proud of myself!

23 lbs weight loss. Thank you Frank. Feeling amazing & still going strong! Much more confident; happy & receiving lovely compliments! I’m addicted to my daily work outs.

I have a lot of love for FWF, I’ve been exercising now on an almost daily basis for 9 months now & still loving it. That is all down to you for creating this bootcamp & the amazing FB groups that have been part of it. I’ve gained confidence I thought I’d never get back & even climbed a big hill. Thank you Frank!

I'd booked my first ever half marathon and panicked when I realised I had no idea how to train for it. Thankfully Frank designed a perfect programme for me to help.

Lifting weights has become my favourite exercise in the gym by far and to be lifting more than some lads half my age is something I am super proud of.

I used FWF alongside Intermittent Fasting and got myself in the best shape of my life. Highly recommended for anyone looking for Personal Training online.

Having a movement analysis and personalised programme changed the game for me and my training. Definitely recommend for anyone serious about their fitness.


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