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"The Little Things" by Suzanne George

Suzanne George our FWF Life Coach shares her latest blog post for us all so stick the kettle on and enjoy your read this morning:


The Little Things

And just like that it feels as if we are hurtling towards the end of September, one moment we were in the height of the summer holidays and now October is on the horizon.

I had been so busy with new school routines, work, and the normal busyness that comes with being a parent that I had forgotten to notice the simplest of things...

.....until yesterday morning that was...

However, for the briefest of moments and most unexpectantly I was brought out of my busy mind and I noticed the sparkling dew drops of the lush green grass, grass that not so long ago was yellow and parched but now was lush green and shimmering in the autumnal sunlight.

In the sunlight each dew drop like a tiny diamond, standing to attention on the tip of each blade.

It was a truly beautiful moment, a moment I had been surrounded by for at least the past 30 minutes, however it took the sun to shine and light up each tiny blade of grass for me to notice and with that a sudden awareness of just how much had passed me by.

That moment yesterday as I stood and took in the sight, a wave of peace took over me, I was content, I was at peace, in that moment there was no past or no future, only then.

So as I left the area and strolled back to my car, I vowed to make sure I noticed the little things that my mind the past few weeks had glossed over, the bird song, the autumn spider webs, the cloud formations, the dewy grass...

So as you move through today join me in noticing the little things and when you do just take a moment to pause, to really immerse yourself in what you can see, hear and feel. The little things are all around us, just waiting for us to notice..


(And ironically I was so busy noticing the dewy grass that I didn't even take a photo, so alas this is not the view I saw but close enough)

Photo by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg on Unsplash

For more information on Suzanne and to get in touch for private coaching head to: or email her

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01 oct 2022

This is beautiful Suzanne and really resonated with me . To find those special moments in a day are really important to me at the moment. 💖

Me gusta
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