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4 week LIIT Challenge 🌶🌶


Boost your aerobic fitness with this fun 4 week Programme filled with all the best LOW IMPACT CARDIO workouts taken from our On Demand Library. - 3 x 30 minutes per week (some days less!) - 1x pair of Light Dumbbells or Baked Bean Tins / Water Bottles Required - NO Jumping and NO Burpees - woohoo! WHAT IS LIIT? Low Impact Interval Training (LIIT) is a form of cardiovascular fitness training that aims to raise your heart rate to the max with a variety of aerobic exercises mixed in with short rest periods for recovery. Think of "LIIT" as "HIIT" without the jumping or burpees (woohoo!) The benefits of LIIT include: - Increased cardiovascular fitness - Quick, effective exercise that can be done anywhere - Potential boost to fat loss (although nutrition plays more of a role here!) It's proven to be one of our most popular exercise choices for members of FWF, particularly those who struggle with knee pain and/or getting up and down from floor - we try to avoid that too! You're in for a treat that's all I can say :)


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