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👊 We're Off And Running ...or walking, dancing, squatting - anything you want really!

Updated: Feb 14

A new 6 week Challenge officially kicks off today and I've just recorded a Live Q+A with tips to help you get started and a walkthrough of our new mobile app to help you get up to speed with the tech-side:

Key Points:

  • You'll need access to the Trainerize mobile app to get involved.

  • Your target is 5 x workouts per week for 6 weeks and can include ANY exercise you wish.

  • Simply log each activity in the app to earn 50pts and climb the mountain with us!

Personally, I'm aiming to get out for a 20 - 30minute walk every day straight after the school run, ready to clear my mind and get focussed on the day ahead. So far so good and hopefully I can build on that with some extra workouts along the way too - but no pressure, I'm just taking each day as it comes.

Progress > Perfection

If there is one message for this challenge it is to AVOID TRYING TO FIX EVERYTHING AT ONCE and start to prioritise what's most achievable for you right now. In terms of exercise that could mean walking for a few minutes a day, trying a home workout video or joining your local gym... only you know what is right for you and I just wanna help keep you accountable to it.

Any questions?

Message me in the app anytime or email and I'll be happy to help :)

Good luck!


your Personal Trainer / Proper Walker



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