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"LISS" could be the most underrated fitness hack ever


Low Intensity Steady State Cardio is any activity that gets your body moving at a moderate pace and you can sustain for longer periods (30 mins or more) and can include walking, cycling, swimming, dancing as common examples.


Like other forms of exercise, LISS cardio has many health benefits, including improved blood flow, reduced stress, lower risk of heart disease, and improved brain function.

Here are some other benefits of LISS cardio:

  • It aids in fat burning and fat loss. Steady-state training improves your body’s ability to use fat as fuel instead of using glycogen stored in your muscles.

  • It’s appropriate for all levels. Since LISS is easier to do and gentler on the body, it’s appropriate for beginners. Intermediate to advanced fitness levels often use it as part of an endurance training program.

  • It allows for easier recovery. Because you’re putting less stress on your heart and body, you may find you recover more quickly and easily from LISS.

  • It’s an effective way to train for endurance events. Exercising at a lower intensity for a long period of time puts less stress on your heart and lungs than a more-intense workout. This can be an effective way to prepare for an endurance event.

  • It’s also great for recovery after a difficult workout. You can use LISS as a recovery session the day after a high-intensity workout.


HIIT Training is fantastic (if your body can handle it) but equally is NOT essential and "LISS Cardio" could be a better choice for many of us, either exclusively on its own OR alongside your high intensity sessions as extra recovery.

I chose gentle cycling today as I had a long day yesterday in my studio filming lots of high impact workouts (Week 6 of Lift & Shift - ouch!) and tbh I needed the fresh air and my muscles and joints needed a lower intensity option to aid recovery. I’ll pleased to say it was the right decision.

Now get off your phone and go get your LISS in too.

You’ll feel much better for it!



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