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Try Annabels Full Body Dumbbell Workout (FREE!)

Annabel is back in action LIVE every Wednesday @ 18:00 - 18:45pm and although we only planned to offer as a live session we have received numerous requests for a replay option soooo here it is, a full replay video fresh from last night and FREE to use anytime you need….

Unfortunately I can not currently guarantee a recording will be available every week (although working on a solution) so if you enjoy the workout please Book To Join LIVE (£5 pay as you go or FREE for Premium Members) and Annabel will keep you and your muscles suitably entertained :) I will of course let you know if I manage to find a manageable solution and if you have any requests for alternative days / times I will do my best to arrange.

Thanks for understanding and hope you enjoy this replay today!


your Personal Trainer



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