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Get Fit With Us In Merstham

This week celebrates the official merging together of our local and online communities with the formerly known "Merstham Fit Club" moving here to my FWF Website and bookings for our weekly classes now available on our Bookings Page or via our Wix Bookings App (Invite Code: IETHBC)


Why are we merging websites into one?

My goal is to make life simpler for everybody and with many of you now doing a mixture of my local classes, online programmes and/or personal training it will mean everything can now be found "under one roof" and (hopefully) much easier to access when you need.

When can we start booking classes?

All classes are available to book now via our Bookings Page on website or Wix Mobile App - Invite code is: IETHBC if prompted.

Where do classes take place?

Currently all our sessions take place at Battlebridge Sports Centre in Merstham (near Lime Tree School) but check timetable details for new locations if/when they are added.

Are you still doing online programmes?

Yes! All my workouts and programmes are still accessible right here at so so keep going as you are and look out for new content each month including NEW: "Lift & Shift 2.0" Programme launching 2nd October 2023.

I have another question:

If you're unsure about any of the above please just grab me after class or email me and I will be more than happy to help.

Thanks for all your support and here's to the next phase of our fitness fun together :)

FRANK your Personal Trainer / Merstham Lover



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