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Kettlebell Swings: Are you doing them right?

Last night (Monday) we filmed the first workout of our new 4 week Kettlebell Starter Programme 🌶🌶 and what an awesome one it was too... although not sure my hamstrings and glutes agree this morning, ouch lol!


One of my all time favourite movements for full body cardio and strength but requires a serious amount of practice to get right and I wanted to share a couple of tips for you that may help you master the art of swinging (cheeky!) and set you up for some great kettlebell workouts in the future.

TIP 1) The Power Is All In Your Hips.

Although it looks like the arms are lifting the weight its actually all to do with the force you generate from your hips, and specifically your hamstrings (back of thighs) and glutes (buttocks) so make sure you are focussing your mind on these parts of your body and use them to drive the movement. They love it eventually.I promise!

TIP 2) Choose A Weight You Can Control

Like most weights exercises, going to heavy too soon will only result in poor technique or worse still injury so definitely choose sensibly, although often I actually find clients can lift far more weight than they think once the techniques right. It is a leg exercise after all!

TIP 3) "If It Feels Light You're Doing It Right"

It's a quote I throw around often with kettlebell training and I think its a really nice way to explain the feeling you want when you are doing these powerful swing movements. Ultimately we want your legs (the strong muscles in body) PLUS momentum of the kettlebell to make this weight "feel" light. When you get it, you'll know what I mean!

Need help getting started?

Start my FREE 1 day Kettlebell Foundations Course 🌶 and work through the technique of the Kettlebell Swing plus many other key movements and when you're ready you can progress to my full programmes and really get into the swing of things! (sorry, I cant help it lol!)

Practice makes progress.

Keep practicing!


your Personal Trainer



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