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Lifting The Same Weights Every Session Will NOT Make You Stronger

The human body is fantastic at adapting to new stimulus which means it’ll quickly get used to the weights you started lifting on day 1 and ready to lift more within just a few sessions.

Want to get stronger?

✅ Start with a weight you can lift 6-8 times safely.

✅ Complete this 2-3 x per week until it feels comfortable.

✅ Now try it with the next weight up (just +1kg will do)

Repeat this process over and over again and see where you end up.

I’ve had clients go from ZERO weights experience to lifting 75kg+ within just a few months and amazing themselves with the progress.

You need to be ready to challenge yourself though.

Are you ready?

Try it today and let me know how you get on.

You are stronger than you think!

Need more help?

Try my guided video programmes at home anytime - any of the "Sculpt" series would be great (Sculpt 20 / Sculpt 30 / Sculpt 45)

I’ll also be offering some limited spaces for one to one coaching online next month so look out for that if you’re ready to get serious with your training at home or in your local gym.

Good luck!



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