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NEW: Advanced Dumbbell Programme For Women 30+

Registration is now open for my NEW 6 week Lift Lab Programme aimed at Women Over 30+ who are ready to take your next steps with dumbbells and explore the benefits of "Strength", "Volume", "Functional" and "Power" training amongst others.


- Target of 3 x 30 minutes workout per week.

- Ideally minimum 2 pairs dumbbells with choice of light (1 - 4kg) or heavy (over 5kg+).

- Advanced level movements with options for Low Impact provided throughout.

First workout is being recorded this week and will be uploaded ready for you to follow on demand anytime from Monday 1st May 2023 with Premium Membership Required to take part.

If you'd like some extra accountability and support make sure you join our Team Fabulous Facebook Group where lot's of members will be posting their updates and encouraging each other to keep going every day of programme and beyond.

Good luck and I look forward to "Lifting Like A Boss" with you all this spring!


your Personal Trainer / Bosser Of Lifting Weights Since 2004

NOTE: This programme is Advanced Level 🌶️🌶️🌶️ and aimed at those with some experience with dumbbells already so if you are just getting started please complete my 1 day Dumbbell Foundations Course as a minimum before considering this one.



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