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❌📱 Switching OFF Always Helps Us Switch Back ON 🧠👊

I'm back from a week in Dorsets forests bonding with tents, spiders and (finally) nailing stand up paddle boarding and my minds feeling recharged and ready to hit a busy September for FWF.

When did you last switch off from work / phones / social media and recharge your batteries?

Those of you who have been with FWF for a while will know I am a huge fan of it and probably seen that I do "Phone Free Sunday" every week too.


📱Prove we can survive as happy humans without our phones

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Be truly "present" with our families without scrolling funny cat videos on Instagram

🧠 Give our brains a chance to breathe and refresh our motivation for life and the things we love

Ultimately, it feels good, and if you can beat the FOMO and give yourself regular breaks it can be a real game changer for your overall health and wellbeing.

Try it for an hour today.

You'll be amazed how good it feels.

I'm RARING to go after a week of it and am already getting proactive with my planning for our 30 day Sugar Free Challenge which starts 13th September and prepping some new opportunities for One To One Coaching with me too (online!) so if you are feeling pumped for the schools returning and want to really push forward with your fitness and nutrition then stay tuned.

I'm here to help!

More info to come re: One To One Coaching but you can Register For 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge now so get yourself on the list and I'll make sure you get everything you need before Day 1 in a couple of weeks.

You are definitely sweet enough ;)


your Personal Trainer


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