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Treading Your Own Path

Our amazing Life Coach Suzanne George has taught us all the importance of taking time to pause and reflect regularly ourselves and has been practicing what she preaches personally as detailed in todays blog post, taken from her monthly newsletter at

I very much hope it helps you today...


Treading Your Own Path

So as we move into March I feel like this is my New Year, a fresh start, a chance to get back on my own path, daffodils are appearing, lighter days are coming and my sparkle that was dimmed due to sickness and exhaustion is now burning brighter. And I hope by sharing my story of how I have navigated the last couple of months it may be of help to any of you feeling lost or exhausted.

Suzanne xx

It Starts With You

So as we moved in 2023 I was a little lost, I felt I was off the path and into the wilderness, I wasn't sure where I was going so I took a pause.

When I looked closely my foundation was rocky, I was exhausted, living in my head and not looking after myself. I had stretched, grown, evolved and achieved so much over the last three years that I had run out of steam.

So what did I do?

In order to be the mum I want to be, the coach that I want to be and there for those I love I had to put my needs back on the agenda, things had to change.

As harsh as it sounded no one was going to do it for me, I had to make the changes, it started with me.

I prioritised all the things that lift my soul, that make me feel great.

I went to bed early, I upped my exercise, I got outside in the woods and altered my relationship with social media. I didn't set any goals, in fact I did actually set goals but not in the conventional sense, my goal for the New Year was to get back to the essence of me, to regain my energy, to get back to who I was, not Suzanne the coach, not Suzanne the mum, not Suzanne the wife but Suzanne, me!

And as the calendar turned to 1st March I can safely say my sparkle is returning, my energy is restored, I am out of the wilderness and back on my own path.

I know who I am, the path I am walking, and because my foundation is strong I can be the mother I want to be to my gorgeous boys, I can be the coach I want to be for the women I work with and I can be the person I need to be for those I love but it started with me, it started with me putting my own foundation in place.

So if perhaps this resonates with you, think about what it is you need to get back on your own path and to set that foundation. I truly believe we all hold the answers we need inside, if only we take a moment to truly listen to what our heart is telling us, its there, we hold the answers inside, we know what we need and once we have that we can take the first tentative steps to put that in place. I am not saying it is easy, but it is possible and it starts with ourselves.

Social Media Spiral?

So one of things I have done is to address my relationship with social media, I felt social media was in control of me, I noticed my anxiety spiked every time I picked up phone, I noticed I was endlessly scrolling and in truth I was probably addicted to my phone. Social media was controlling me and it was time I took back control. So this is what I did:

- Came off socials for about 6 weeks.

-For a time I deleted the apps off my phone and only accessed them via my laptop.

In truth if I could come off socials entirely I probably would, however I have met so many good souls through them that I wouldn't have connected with otherwise that I will keep my social channels however it will be on my terms and in a way that works for me.

So if you feel your relationship with social media is not how you would like it to be perhaps try coming off them for a period of time, perhaps try only looking at them at certain times or maybe you could delete the apps entirely.

And if you would like some gentle compassionate accountability to put a plan in place for you and your social media relationship do reach out.

Reiki, Meditation and Energy

Last summer I trained with Ten of Zen so that I could add Mindfulness Meditation to how I work with clients. Part of the training meant I was committing to my own Meditation practise, however as summer drifted into Autumn and then into Winter I found my personal practise evaporated, it had been weeks (if I'm honest months) since I had last meditated.

And yet I knew it had made a significant difference last summer to how I felt, so one of the things I have done is to get back to mediation. It hasn't been easy however what has helped is to remind myself of 'why' I am doing this, to focus on how I felt last summer as my motivation to stick with my own meditation practise.

Coupled with this to restore my energy levels I have had some sessions with local Reiki practitioner Emma Sims. Emma was one of the wonderful souls I met through social media and truly gifted in what she does. I was exhausted and run down when I saw Emma and the effect her Reiki had on me was quite transformational.

I will pop Emma's details below so you can look up what she does and what she offers.


My book of the month is Kate Humble's Thinking On My Feet. If you adore nature, walking in beautiful places and looking for a cosy gentle read then you might be interested in reading this.

Seasonal Re-Set Session

If any of what I have written has resonated and you wish to start a fresh this Spring, to wipe the slate clean and to get yourself back on your own path, then you may be interested in booking a Seasonal Re-Set Session.

Its a 90 minute session where you are given the time and space to explore what you want from the season ahead, what is important to you, what will bring you joy and allow you to bounce through Spring with energy and sparkle.

We will then work together to put a plan in place, a plan which is right for you so you can approach Spring with a sense of calm, clarity and confidence, putting in that solid foundation so that you can flourish and bloom.

Investment £69.00 either working online or in person


Well that is all from me for this month, I do love hearing your feedback about my monthly update so any comments are always warmly welcomed.

I adore working with people to get back in touch with their own sparkle and joy, to help them find clarity and move forwards with what is important for them. If you are curious about what I offer then my website gives full details of how we could work together in person or online. And if you have any questions I am more than happy to either discuss in person or over email.

Cosy Warm Wishes Suzanne x

For more information on Suzanne and to get in touch for private coaching head to: or email her


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08 במרץ 2023

Thanks Anne, if you are interested with meditation start small, I would say its a bit like beginning exercise for the first time, it can feel uncomfortable and tough because it is new, so start small and build up, its akin I think to utilising a new muscle and overtime it does get easier. The other thing I learnt through my training was none of us can switch off our marvellous minds, they are designed to wander into thoughts, emotions or feelings, its entirely normal and when you meditate if you do wander into thoughts, feelings or emotions, its a process of noticing that you have, acknowledging that you have, and then without judgement gently bringing your awareness back to…


Anne Lambert
Anne Lambert
08 במרץ 2023

Really enjoyed reading that Suzanne. The meditation sounds good. Wish I could switch my “mind chatter” off enough to do it 🤦🏻‍♀️. Take care lovely lady xx

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