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Video Message To All FWF Members

Lot's of you got in touch after reading yesterdays Blog Post so I felt the urge to show my face and let you know I am genuinely okay and very much looking forward to accelerating into a New Year with you all...

Rambled on a bit as usual but the main points are:

  • It's true, 2023 was a bit 💩 BUT I'm feeling super positive for 2024 and beyond!

  • Taking some time off at Xmas was a great opportunity to reflect on my own life and identify a number of small changes I can make to help improve my health and taking action will be my main priority right now - just as I would advise for you if you find yourself in a similar situation.

  • Providing a BETTER service for MORE clients remains my mission for FWF and that starts again next week with Classes locally in Merstham and shortly followed with a Brand New Upgraded "6 week Challenge" starting on Monday 15th January 2024. This will be open to ALL members Online/Locally with full details and enrolment to start next week.

Now let's cut my chit-chat and start getting ready to dominate the New Year together :)

Thanks for all your support,


your Personal Trainer / Bobble Hat Enthusiast



So glad you are ok and great to see you so positive for the future. You’ve changed my whole outlook on exercise and I’m fitter and stronger for all your support. Big thank you from me you legend and I’m sooooo excited for the new challenge #GoTeam 💪🏼


Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll
Jan 04

What a positive message the video was! So glad you have started to turn things around and are sorting out priorities. I’m looking forward to the new challenges you will set this year and hopefully some live video sessions with yourself (and Stein)!


Thanks for your honesty. It’s good to be be true to yourself and others and shows you are just like the rest of us. You have given me the motivation over the last 12 months to push on and I’m looking forward to carrying that on in with your online programmes in 2024 - Thanks Frank and keep going, you’re awesome!


Can't wait to get back to classes. The last 15mths has really helped me physically.

Sorry you've not felt yourself and brave to admit it!! I love the banter during circuits.

Here's to 2024 💪🏼💪🏼


Jan 03

Love being a member of FWF and team fabulous . Love your workouts and that’s why I’m still here. Keep doing what you’re doing

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