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Is Cardio Or Weight Training Better For Weight Loss?

A great question from a client this week asking whether cardio or weight training is best to help their weight loss and the truth is nutrition is more important so focus your attention there to start with and if you wanna do some exercise then go for the one you enjoy most and are more likely to stick with long term.

If I had to choose ONE:

🏋🏻‍♂️ Weight Training usually gets my vote.

✔️ Helps build confidence

✔️ Strengthens muscle and helps build a strong body

✔️Most clients I work with seem to enjoy it more than cardio

Would I still encourage cardio? Abso-frickin-lutely, as it’s got tonnes of benefits for your health and a good sweat always releases those happy hormones so go for it by all means.

❎ Don’t do cardio to “burn” calories

❎ Don’t run to lose weight, but do it for your fitness instead!

❎ Don’t do burpees, ever. Unless your in the 1% of weirdos out there who love them, then by all means fill your sweaty boots lol.

Weight loss can be achieved without exercise.

You can also do both.

As always, it’s up to YOU!

Hope it helps and of course any questions just message me here or head over to and sign up as a free member for daily motivation and enough home workouts to fill your living room for over a decade.

I’m here to help :)


your Personal Trainer / Weight Lifting Connisseur



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