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4kg Down & Fitter Than Ever 😍

📢 Shoutout to my gorgeous wife Katie for achieving her weight loss target this past 6 weeks. 4kg down and here she is holding the equivalent weight in the form of a sexy rubber tube (aka ViPR) to appreciate how incredible that is....

How did she do it?

🤏 Set herself small, achievable targets each week

🗓️ Planned her schedule to accommodate regular exercise

🥗 Tracked her nutrition every day to stay accountable

😉 Hired the greatest PT she could find (well, the cheapest lol)

What makes me most proud?

👩‍💻 She did this alongside working 40+ hours a week

🏋️ She included regular weight training and is strong too

👩‍👧‍👧 She has been the BEST inspiration for our daughters

🤡 She manages to put up with my nonsense everyday

WELL DONE babe, and to any mums out there wondering if you can get fitter, stronger, healthier, happier (or all the above) please know that you can do it. You just gotta take that first step.

Need help? Just ask…

Keep it up!


your Personal Trainer / Proud Hubby



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