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Why do you exercise?

Exercising and prioritising your health can make you look great (I’m told!) but for me THE most important motivation is feeling good, having energy and enjoying every day as much as I can.

❌ When I don’t exercise I feel tired

❌ When I eat poorly I’m sluggish

❌ When I neglect sleep I’m moody

Reminding myself of this is what keeps me going and although I’m never “perfect” - whatever that is - I know I’m trying and that’s all I want for YOU and all clients who come to me for help with health and fitness.

✅ Be clear WHY exercise helps your life

✅ Remind yourself as often as you can

✅ Keep going!

Also, be really careful trying acro-yoga with small children. Turns out they’re not great at holding fully grown adults on their tiny feet lol.

Good luck! ✊🏼


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