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Is It Possible To Have A Less Pressured Christmas?

Christmas can be a stressful time with lots of planning, decorating, shopping, feeding, elf-hiding (urgh!) and social calendars that tend to fill up quicker than we can keep up with so today I'm sharing a wonderful blog post from FWF LIfe Coach Suzanne to help you switch your mindset and make this the most magical time of the year and come back refreshed and recharged in 2023. I hope it helps...


Is It Possible To Have A Less Pressured Christmas?

It's December, the decorations are going up, twinkly lights are filling our homes and the to do list is ever growing and it feels as if we are hurtling towards the end of the year. The feelings of overwhelm are building, tiredness is creeping in and the urge to hibernate is real, however can we approach this Christmas intentionally so we lessen the pressure and head into January feeling refreshed and renewed...

How to Head Into January Refreshed and Renewed?

The words Christmas and Re-Charge aren't normally words that go together however it is possible to recharge over the festive period. In fact Americans call it the holiday season and in many Christmas songs the words peace feature.

So how can you find some peace amongst the chaos and lean into the holiday mode, it all begins with blocking out some time over the festive period so that you can re-charge and head into January feeling refreshed, restored and renewed.

Here are some prompts to help you:

  • Where can you block out time to re-charge?

  • How much time do you realistically need in order that you can feel recharged heading into the new year?

  • What environment will help you re-charge? Are you by yourself? With people? At home? Heading out into the countryside? Perhaps a wind swept day at the beach? Or maybe something else?

You hold the answers within yourself, ask yourself what you need, allow the words to sit with you, we all need to recharge in different ways, tune into what you need and let that guide you and the decisions you make for the upcoming Christmas season.

Building in time to recharge is one way we can can head into January refreshed and renewed however perhaps its time we explore the pressures we have around Christmas and how we can lessen it.

The Pressure To Have The Perfect Christmas?

Are you feeling the pressure to have the perfect Christmas? Are you feeling the pull of societal expectations?

Now is the time to pause to think about what is important to you about Christmas, its so easy to get swept along with what we believe we should be doing without really pausing to think about how we actually want to mark Christmas.

Perhaps spend some time thinking about what you would like to let go of this year, what would ease the feelings of overwhelm and how you can have a less pressured Christmas.

Talk to those closest to you about what is important to them about Christmas and then come up with a plan which puts your needs and those you love at the heart of your Christmas.

This is your Christmas, perhaps now is the time to change things up, and how you approach this festive time. If Christmas fills you with a sense of dread, perhaps its time to do something different, look at what you would like to change and then think about how you can do this. And if you feel there are many elements that you want to change and that in itself feels like a mammoth task, why not pick one aspect to change which in doing so will bring the Sparkle back to your Christmas.

I know for some this Christmas might be tricky or challenging and if that is you I hope that you can find some calm and peace this festive time. Go gentle on yourselves, its been another strange year so why not put peace, self compassion and rest at the top of your Christmas list.

Much love Suzanne x

For more information on Suzanne and to get in touch for private coaching head to: or email her


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